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About Aeroflow Linear Air Pumps

For over 10 years the Aeroflow Linear Air Blower range has established a reputation for their quality and reliability. The Aeroflow linear air pumps have been widely accepted in a broad spectrum of the marketplace, and they have proven to perform reliably and efficiently in many demanding applications including:- aeration of sewage and wastewater for domestic and commercial wastewater treatment systems, aquaculture, biological process, laboratory processes, odor & air pollution control, medical analysis. Aeroflow blowers are manufactured to strict quality controls and comply with ‘CE’, ‘UL’, ‘TUV’ & ISO9001 standards.

The Aeroflow air pump range includes models with a medium capacity of 80 litres per minute (A-80LM), 100 litres per minute (A-100LM), and 120 litres (A-120LM) per minute, and larger capacity models capable of achieving 150 litres per minute (A-150), and 200 litres per minute (A-200LM).

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What Are The Advantages Of Aeroflow Air Pumps??

Aeroflow air pumps offer outstanding performance, with low energy consumption for overall power savings and quiet operation. All models within the Aeroflow range are fitted with a safety cut out switch. This will turn the pump off in the event that he diaphragm bursts or tears, which in turn will protect the pump from self destructing. Aeroflow air blowers are designed, and are fitted with the best quality components to ensure a long life cycle.

International Certifications Of Aeroflow Linear Air Pumps

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When Do Air Pumps Fail?

All linear air pumps have limitations in which they can operate, and when subjected to unsuitable operating environments they are susceptible to failing prematurely. Some of the main causes of premature failure of linear air pumps is; digestions of aggressive gases or contaminated air supply with particles i.e.dust, exposure to heat, and direct contact with moisture.

Aeroflow air blowers are commonly used for aeration for wastewater sewage treatment systems, both for commercial and industrial applications. Occasionally unidentified problems arise within and around the treatment system which directly impacts on the air blower, and can cause the blower to fail. It is very important to eliminate these issues to prevent continual failure of air pumps. Some of the issues that will damage air pumps:-

  • Excessive dust and particles can clog the filter and can starve the pump of air supply causing excess heat and wear.
  • If the blower is mounted within an enclosure that is not properly ventilated, or allows direct exposure to the sunshine, this will generate excessive heat and will damage the pump
  • If air diffusers or air lines in the wastewater system are blocked, and the air pump is operating beyond the normal pressure range, this will cause the diaphragms to fail very quickly and in extreme cases it can build up excessive heat which will also damage the electromagnets.
  • If the enclosure of the air pump is situated on top of the wastewater system, all penetrations to the treatment chamber below must be completely sealed to prevent the gases from the being digested by the pump. This gas is extremely aggressive and will corrode the internals of the pump causing premature failure.

Should the air pump fail, it is important that a qualified person carries out a thorough investigation of why the pump failed. If there is an underling cause of premature pump failure, this needs to be corrected to prior to installing another pump, which will be subject to the same causes of the failure of the previous pump.



There are many sewage treatment systems that use linear air pumps. Aeroflow air pumps have been used extensively in this field and have grown in their reputation of being a good quality, long lasting air blower with very little maintenance required. Most sewage treatment systems that  require air pumps can be retrofitted with a Aeroflow range of air blowers. Some of the sewage wastewater systems that have been working successfully for many years with Aeroflow air pumps include:-

  • Novaclear
  • Econova
  • Envirocycle
  • Econocyc
  • Bioseptic
  • Graf
  • Fujiclean
  • Supertreat
  • Aquanova