Circulator Pumps


In the next few weeks General Pump Company launches the ULTRAFLOW range of hot water circulating pumps!! Circulating pumps are used extensively today for circulating hot potable water for fast delivery to taps., They are used with under floor heating systems.  There is increasing use of circulating pumps for to solar hot water systems. –  circulation pumps are found in almost every building today.

 ‘ULTRAFLOW’ offers a great range beginning with UFC15/15BT 15mm bronze pump fitted with a timer, through to the UFC32/80B 32mm bronze circulator pump. There is options for both cast iron and bronze construction.

 General Pump Company also offers the dual pump package. The dual hot water circulator system is a package which includes two pumps fitted with valves and interconnecting stainless steel pipework, mounted on a pressed galvanised steel base and fitted with a pump controller which has a programmable pump changeover timer.  These pre-assembled packaged saves the installer a huge amount of installation time & money.

 The manufacturer of ‘ULTRAFLOW’ range has been manufacturing circulating pumps since 1949.  With over64 years of experience, you can be assured that when you purchase an ‘ULTRAFLOW’ circulating pump you are purchasing a product that is tried and proven many times over.

 ‘ULTRAFLOW’ circulating pumps are operating successfully in many demanding applications in Australia. 
Following is a testament from D.B – at the Maintenance Dept of Nepean Hospital:
“My manager approved of testing of these pumps as we are always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. Since we installed it, it has been working very well and is performing better than the other brand that is installed, beside it, the return line is 1C hotter which shows it is circulating better”. D.B, Nepean Hospital – Maintenance.