Packaged Pumping Stations


What are Pumping Stations used for?

Draining sewerage or stormwater from a residence or commercial building is not always simple. Draining to the sewer or stormwater main by gravity may be impossible – the connection maybe above the building or it might be just at the same level. In some situations draining to the sewer main or stormwater main by gravity maybe very difficult – concrete slabs, rock and other obstructions can make it difficult or very expensive to excavate for drainage pipework.

These difficulties are not impossibilities. By installing a packaged pumping station it is possible to transfer sewage or stormwater to the desired connection point. General Pump Company manufactures and stocks a large range packaged pumping stations for almost any application.


What do pumping stations include?

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 Standard Pump Station Specs

250 Litre Pump Stations
250 Litre Pump Stations


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